Technology – Definition – Example

Definition of Technology


a: the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area : ENGINEERING sense 2medical technology

b: a capability given by the practical application of knowledgea car’s fuel-saving technology


a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledgenew technologies for information storage


 the specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor educational technology

What is Technology?

In modern life, we are surrounded by technology. It’s integral to everything we do, big or small. We can find examples of technology in our homes and personal spaces, in industry, in business, and in the medical profession. Most people know technology when they see it, but what exactly is technology?

Technology is the way we apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It includes machines (like computers) but also techniques and processes (like the way we produce computer chips). It might seem like all technology is only electronic, but that’s just most modern technology. In fact, a hammer and the wheel are two examples of early human technology.

Technology in Everyday Life

Let’s consider some examples of how technology is integral to our daily lives. When you get up in the morning, you probably get out of a bed. The synthetic materials of the mattress upon which you were sleeping, and springs underneath, are both examples of technology.

If it’s still early, you might turn on the light first. Both the light bulbs and the electrical systems that power them are also technology. Later, when you brush your teeth, the system that brings you water to the sink, the bathroom fan, the toothbrush – and the toilet, for that matter – are technology.

If you’re like many millions of people, you probably turn on the computer pretty quickly after waking. A computer is one of the most advanced pieces of technology we’ve ever come up with as humans, and the processes of making the computer’s parts are all also technology.

It would be impossible to list every single example of technology in our daily lives. Whether it’s practical (like washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, cars, flooring materials, windows, or door handles) or for leisure (like televisions, Blu-ray players, games consoles, reclining chairs, or toys), all these things are examples of technology.

Examples of Technology

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Communication Technology Labs
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Robotics
  • 3-D Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Professional Broadcasting Communication Equipment
  • Wide variety of software programs

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